"Green" initiatives on a European project at the Vocational High School of Tourism

Vocational High School of Tourism “Dr Vassil Beron” was a host of the second meeting on the European Erasmus+ “Think Green” project. For a week, the students and their guests from Latvia, Turkey and Romania discussed environmental issues. “How to Use Energy Reasonably” was the main issue around which the young environmentalists joint forces. At the round table different and interesting solutions were heard, which were summarized in the conclusion that the use of green energy as an affordable, easy and ecological way of life will be the opportunity to give our Planet Earth a long holiday instead of a short break. Until this meeting, the international teams researched the renewable energy sources in their region and prepared presentations and reports that were presented at the meeting. These researches and presentations will become the basis of the interactive map of the renewable energy sources, which partners will make as a main project product.

All partners visited the largest photovoltaic park on the Balkans near the village of Samovodene and were amazed by the impressive facilities and contemporary methods for energy production for which they had only read about until that moment. During the project meeting, students solved case studies with the help of interactive methods under the slogan “Natural Disasters and the Beginnings of the World”, “Consumer Society and/or the Future of the Erath”. The project aims to experiment and enforce alternative teaching methods that will make the educational process more pleasant and productive. Partners are aware that the traditional teaching method is getting old and everyone could easily be convinced because we hear the voices of dissatisfies students, dissatisfied teachers and dissatisfied parents more and more often. It seems that the conventional education can no longer provide optimum knowledge for modern society. That is why, students must be provoked with new, contemporary practices, which operate differently from the ones so far.

The project meeting was the reason for new friendships and the participants eagerly await the next meeting that will take place in the Romanian city of Sibiu in October 2019.