Romanian school - C.S.E.I. Turnu Roşu

Centrul Scolar de Educatie Incluziva Turnu Rosu, Romania educates SEN students in primary level: grades I-IV, secondary level: grades V-VIII and IX-XII.

The mission of the school is to improve the condition of people with SEN through community sensitization and awareness of disability forms and associated problems by providing the most relevant and complete information on all aspects of disabled people.

Through the programs developed, we support full and equal participation of persons with SEN in their communities. The center relies on the cooperation of all its members, encouraging and promoting the development of partnership relations between specialists outside the school, parents, teachers, people with SEN from our country and form Europe. We believe this is a resource for all those working with the ones with SEN.

The main purpose of this project chimes with our mission and vision and it aims at improving the educational activities related to the teacher's training.

Our school has a primary level–grades :I-IV, secondary level : grades: V-VIII and IX-XII .

The students in our school have different classes such as : Romanian language and literature, Mathematics , Sciences, Arts , Physical Education and Sports and English language.

Support offered :

  • a) in the school for students with special needs ; teaching and crafts ; speech therapy ; recovery and rehabilitation ; family and community reintegration ; medical assistance ; emotional support and psychological counselling
  • b) in regular schools: inclusive teaching for children with special education needs in classrooms and at home.

Our school have also employed other teachers that work in normal schools, helping the teachers from there in the education of children with problems. We ensure these activities through our itinerant teachers who work in different schools in the department of Sibiu .

Our students have received many prizes at several competitions and festivals, togheder with student from normal schools.

Two factors, in our opinion, can make a significant contribution to alleviating these risks. It is education and solidarity. People need to be educated. In our opinion, people have to learn what to do. They have no way to know if nobody tells them. People need to be educated and education must begin early in the first classes. Our school has no projects on the subject. At the county level there are no training courses for teachers on this topic. The project is very necessary for our institution. As an advantage, we can say that we benefit from the medical framework of the institution, so we can get a lot of information from a specialist.