Bulgarian school - "Dr Vassil Beron"

Vocational High School of Tourism "Dr Vassil Beron" (ПГ по туризъм "Д-р Васил Берон") in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria is a coordinating school.

It is a state school for vocational education with students aged 15-19 being trained in the sphere of tourism, catering and business.

Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the central part of Bulgaria and is the old capital city of the country.

550 students are being educated in 13 specialties in the high school. The professions and specialties, which the students (aged 15-19) are being trained, are in the sphere of tourism, catering and business. Our school is also a member of Cambridge Schools Association in Bulgaria and it is an UNESCO associated school, too.

There are clubs of interest in the school “Physics in Secrets and Mysteries” and “Lovers of Secrets and Mysteries”. Part of the topics in the classes is dedicated to sources of energy – traditional and non-traditional. Students do researches on their own and create presentations and boards, showing different ways for saving energy in the family, at home, in the region. Their goal is to focus their peers’ attention on the importance of the problem of the limited resource of energy sources and the necessity of new ones for ensuring life.

Over the years, our school has experience in project work in the following fields: water pollution, air pollution, waste, healthy food, research and conservation of protected species of plants and animals.

Experience of the school in the environmental education of young people: A number of eco projects implemented so far:

  • - construction of an eco-path in the vicinity of the city;
  • - building a green classroom;
  • - first prize for best project at an environmental conference in Russia;
  • - project "Tarnovo Heights - Our Natural Treasure";
  • - research of rare and endangered species of plants and animals;
  • -award for "Our Classroom for a Sustainable World" competition for applying best practices in sustainable development education;
  • - the “Ecological Island” wins “Climate and Me” competition and includes activities for protection of endangered plants.

The challenge now is to increase the interest of young people in energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources as new methods and technologies for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Another challenge is to teach them about green energy and the opportunities for its mass application. With its 15 years’ experience in working on international projects, the school will be a valuable tool for its partners when implementing project activities. This experience will allow anyone to be replaced seamlessly with another reliable and experienced participant if someone, for whatever reason, stops working at this school. The school has enough well-trained staff with years of experience in European programs.